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The topic of geoengineering and geowarfare always becomes “hot” after major “natural” disasters that hit the world from time to time. Romanian senator Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă is the first politician in Europe to warn of a series of strange coincidences that followed devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in which tens of thousands of people died.

Speaking about the suspicions that geo-weapons were used in the Middle East, Diana Iovanovici Șoșoacă mentioned the name of Romanian reserve general Emil Strainu as one of the few experts who openly discusses this topic.

General Strainu agreed to speak to the media in Serbia with one condition: Before answering I would like to mention that what I will state below does not imply any state or private institution.

Dragan Vujicic (DV): What are geoweapons and geoengineering?

General Emil Strainu (GES): Geo-weapons or environmental weapons are means of combat used to neutralize or destroy the enemy. At the basis of their use are techniques and technologies to modify the environment (lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere) for military purposes.

Geoengineering refers to a range of emerging technologies for intervention, that can manipulate the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere to mitigate the effects of climate change or for military purposes.

There are currently three main directions in geoengineering, as follows:

Carbon geoengineering which aims to remove carbon dioxide/bioxide from the atmosphere, solar geoengineering which aims to modify the amount of solar radiation absorbed and released into the Earth’s atmosphere, and geoengineering which uses environmental modification technologies for military purposes in all three environments – terrestrial (lithosphere), oceanic (hydrosphere) and the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere.

There are expert opinions that say that current climate change has among its causes some military geoengineering projects (e.g. HAARP Project), some of them carried out for decades in secret.

Geoengineering can save but also destroy the planet depending on how we use it.There are international treaties prohibiting the use of outer space for military purposes and prohibiting active action in the atmosphere and the use of environmental modification technologies for military purposes, but they are not currently respected.

DV: What are all the powerful countries trying to do with our climate and atmosphere and how dangerous are these experiments?

GES: There are currently at least ten countries in the world with HAARP-type installations. The most powerful is in the US, in Alaska at Gakona [officially transferred to University of Fairbanks, Alaska in 2016]. The most dangerous for our country’s area is the HAARP installation in Norway in the Tromso area, which belongs to the European Union.

While we have no evidence, HAARP installations could potentially be used for economic warfare, climate change and population control.

DV: You were in Alaska at the headquarters of HAARP, when, what is done there, what can and cannot be mentioned?

GES: I was in Alaska at the University of Fairbanks which is used as a cover by the U.S. Army and CIA for the activity taking place in the town of Gakona where the HAARP installations are spread over hundreds of acres.

The HAARP weapon can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Directed energy weapon;

  2. Communication system for submarines;

  3. System used to fight against satellites by blinding or shooting them down;

  4. Improved communication with own satellites under conditions of electronic warfare and solar flares;

  5. X-ray emitter;

  6. Means of voluntarily creating local, zonal or continental electrical blackouts;

  7. Electronic weapon of warfare;

  8. High-power wireless power transmission by the Nicola Tesla method;

  9. Means of detecting alien objects and craft in space;

  10. Means of countering an alien attack from space;

  11. A device capable of causing explosions comparable to nuclear explosions;

  12. Weapon capable of modifying the environment already used in Geoclimate Warfare;

  13. Creation of hurricanes, tornadoes, waterspouts and tsunamis in areas not specific to these types of natural phenomena;

  14. Creation of earthquakes by stimulating areas prone to such phenomena and activating volcanoes;

  15. Weapons used in psychotronic warfare that can alter brainwaves and control people’s thinking and reactivity (e.g. Havana syndrome).

  16. The study and evaluation of underground oil, gas and mineral deposits thousands of kilometres away;

  17. Remote survey and destruction of bunkers, depots and any other underground bases;

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I would like to mention that these actions listed above are closely related to the emission power and operating regime of HAARP-type installations.

HAARP is also called the Ultimate Weapon or the Weapon of the Apocalypse.

DV: Americans say that HAARP is stopped and not working?

GES: The HAARP system has been in operation since 1993 and not only has it never been shut down, but it has been continuously upgraded and improved, increasing its power and the scope of missions it can perform. The number of antennas and transmitters has increased year by year, with more than 180 antennas and main generators in use. Today HAARP has the highest power in its history and can carry out remote missions anywhere in the world.

DV: Three assassination attempts were made against you in just one year. Who are these people?

GES: I was the president of a genuine nationalist party in Romania, the Great Romania Party after the untimely death of the former founding president Cornelui Vadim Tudor. At present I do not belong to any political party. I participated in rallies and protests against the aberrant measures taken during the so-called Covid-19 Pandemic and I took a stand in the press and on TV against the aberrations promoted by the neo-progressive current, and globalism, being considered a dangerous opinion leader for the Deep State.

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So I was shut down and subsequently put under great pressure to stop expressing my views and opinions in public. Following very harsh threats against me and my family, I had to withdraw from political life, and a subsequent public programme of discrediting and defaming me was carried out. The most serious actions taken against me were dictated by the forces of the neo-progressive world cult.

DV: What should an ordinary person not know today because he will be punished by the powerful?

GES: There is currently a fierce battle going on in the world between the group of Sovereignist States and the group of States promoting Neo-progressivism, so-called Globalization or in other words Internationalist Corporatism which does not take into account nations and sovereignty of States. Knowledge as a phenomenon, the storage and use of information is not dangerous until you go beyond the level you are assigned in this field and social hierarchy. There are secret and discreet groups and movements that rule the world.

DV: How do you view the Serbian struggle from 1991 to today’s attempts by the West to seize Kosovo from the Serbs? What is your opinion on that.

GES: The West wants to monopolize the Eastern European states, especially the former socialist ones, and create small statelets on ethnically imposed principles in order to control and exploit them more easily. This is what happened to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was broken up into small statelets which, with the exception of Serbia, are all controlled by the West. Another example is the break-up of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic into two small states easily manipulated by the West, especially Germany.

At present, the process of the farimitarization of the national states continues by imposing the so-called Euro-Regions which are in fact the nuclei of the future small states that will appear with the blessing of the West, exacerbating certain problems and internal fractions in some national states until their secession.

The West is the main secessionist motor in Eastern Europe.

Since 1991, the Republic of Serbia has been waging a straight fight for statehood and the preservation of the national identity of the Serbian people. The former Autonomous Region of Kosovo in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is an integral part of the Republic of Serbia, the cradle of the Serbian nation. Kosovo must be an integral part of the territory and administration of Serbia and in the spirit of international law local ethical issues must be resolved without any foreign interference.

The West judges peoples with double standards: The West wants the independence of Serbian Kosovo but does not want the independence of Donbas. Kosovo is a historical territory of Serbia and the cradle of the Sirbian nation!


Romanian reserve general Emil Strainu is a physicist specialized in radiolocation. He published over 50 books, thousands of books, articles and studies in the field of airspace research on radar methods, geophysical weapons, climatology, UFO phenomenon. In his biography it is stated that he crossed the Arctic Circle five times (Alaska, Greenland, the Svalbard Islands, north of Murmansk and Kamchatka) and the southern polar circle.

He participated in expeditions and travels in areas such as: Alaska, Siberia, Tibet, Easter Island, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Himalayas, Lake Baikal, Kamchatka, Bering Strait (Vladivostok-Russia, Elena Kozebuse-USA). a general who enters restricted areas, such as Area 51, Gakom – HAARP or dangerous areas such as the deserts of Nevada, Atacama, New Mexico, Arizona, Mojave.

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