Published on Aug 16, 2017

In the August 7th story over at The Star titled ‘Funeral Homes Warned To Be Prepared In Advance Of Possible Pandemic’they report ‘a pandemic might not be a problem in some communities, but funeral homes in larger cities may not be able to cope with the increased demand’. Also warning within their story ‘in a pandemic, each individual funeral home could expect to handle about six months’ work within a six- to eight-week period’, the Star story was one of at least three that just came out over the last few days from different news websites in Canada covering this exact same topic.

Also reporting that in some cases should the pandemic outbreak get bad enough, ice skating rinks might have to be converted into massive morgues to hold all of the bodies and refrigerated trucks, normally used used to transport ice cream and other cold foods, might have to be used to transport bodies, we found it strange that several different outlets are now running very similar stories.
According to this recent story over at the Telegraph Journal (saved on, simply scroll down past ‘welcome’ message for story), in extreme cases, there are other options they would have to consider to keep up with the number of bodies coming in.…