Uploaded on Oct 13, 2015

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“This first episode of “The Truth About Cancer,” was mind blowing. I knew about
some of the information, however, what I learned tonight was way more, and I’m
sure that the rest of the series would be even more phenomenal. If you have not
tuned in to this series, you’re doing yourself an injustice.”

What an amazing first episode and Thank You everyone for all the kind words
and feedback. (nearly 2000 comments so far)

We’re so honored to be able to give this to you and your family 🙂

Here’s just a few of the comments about it so far:

“I’m 40 minutes in and my impression is “this is brutal!” Brutally honest and
something I hope everyone watches & learns about.”

“This is the best 2 hours I’ve ever spent in my entire life. Thank you so very much
for caring enough about others to provide this so very important information. I
can’t wait for the remaining episodes.”

“This has been the most eye-opening documentary I have seen in a very long
time!!! Everyone needs to watch this and you will learn more than you ever
thought you could about cancer and the lies we have been told.”

This is a powerful show where you learn the history of Chemotherapy
in a way like you’ve probably never heard it described.