A pair of Canadian restaurant owners were filmed telling off the minions of the state who were sent to try and shut down their businesses this week.

In fact, the same crew of government bureaucrats appears in both videos.

At one Ontario, Canada restaurant, a health official was filmed telling a business owner “restaurants are not allowed to be open right now. We are under provincial lockdown.”

A woman, presumably the owner, told the government worker her business is on sovereign land and that she’s not under provincial jurisdiction.

The masked lockdown enforcers threatened the owner with “charges” if she didn’t close down before admitting they didn’t even know what the alleged charges would be.

As the angry business owner argued the government has no jurisdiction when dealing with First Nation people, another lockdown enforcer chimed in.

“You’ve been told this is a lockdown and you’re not supposed to be open,” the second bureaucrat said.

When the health and labor officials decided to leave the building, the woman being questioned followed them out and gave them a piece of her mind.

Customers also chimed in, telling the government workers and police officers they were acting like “Nazis” and adding, “Say hi to Trudeau for me.”

The woman running the place said, “You guys are awful, turning on your citizens. Why don’t you go live in Communist China.”

When one of the government lockdown enforcers laughed at her, the business owner yelled, “You’re sick to laugh at that while you are trying to take people’s livelihoods. Get the fuck out and don’t come back! Don’t shake your head at me either, you fucking brownshirt!”

Diners clapped with approval as the defiant citizen walked back into her restaurant.

The same crew of government thugs also got an earful from the owner of Athena’s Diner in Ontario.

Video shows the owner telling the Covid henchmen that he isn’t following Premier Doug Ford’s pandemic policies because he continues lying to the people.

“I didn’t want to live in China,” the man told the officials. “If I wanted to live in China, I’ll go to China. You guys destroyed this place.”

A woman ironically working for the Ministry of Labor tried telling the owner his business must be shut down in the name of worker health and safety.

The ignorant government stooges apparently don’t realize how essential a paycheck is to worker health and safety.

“This country is destroyed, and you guys are taking part in it,” the owner told the masked mandate lovers. “I know it’s your bosses that are destroying it, but you guys are taking part in it.”

The same woman from the first video again threatened the business owner with “charges” if he didn’t shut the place down.

The upset Canadian entrepreneur responded, “Do whatever you have to. You don’t scare me.”

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