An interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts reveals what the condition of the world is in right now and how reckless the politicians are in the US. This man worked in the Reagan administration and knows what he is talking about. This is not easy, or quick listening because he speaks slowly and is an older gentleman. It would take time to hear this interview. You can get a synopsis of it by reading the article. But there is so much ground covered that it does not do the interview full justice. The enormity of the problem and the widespread failure of politics in Washington has created a situation where we truly face a world war in our lifetime. I would recommend starting the audio interview at around the 15 minute mark. I will attach it set up that way. He also mentions at around the 45 minute mark that the US must withdraw from Europe and NATO or else we will all end up dead. He mentions that Europe must stand on their own and be responsible for their own territories. It is also a foregone conclusion that the embargo against Russia must be lifted, and the US stop involving our troops and finances in nation-building world wide. He also mentioned the fact that many wars were started by false flags. Kennedy was also killed because he would not go to war with Russia and be on board with the military industrial complex agenda. His conclusion was we face a nearly insurmountable, complex problem, and one where things must change or we will eventually face an Armageddon scenario. This man is not an alarmist, a sensationalists, running for office or trying to gain popularity. He is a well educated researcher and observer, that has the honor and integrity to tell it as he sees it without fear or favor of what the higher powers will think.
George Eaton)