Democrats were slaughtered in yesterday’s elections, with American voters sending an undeniable message of opposition against radical left-wing politics, Critical Race Theory, vaccine mandates and seemingly endless inflation. GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin took the Virginia governorship, and Republicans even managed to win a majority in the Virginia House.

In Minnesota, a defund-the-police ballot initiative failed, and the NJ Governor’s race remains too close to call, even though media pundits previously claimed it would be an easy win for Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy. Similarly, anti-CRT parents achieved sweeping victories on school boards across the country, reacting to the insane left-wing indoctrination of children being mercilessly pushed by leftists.

Amazingly, the far-left radicals in the Democrat party think these losses are the result of not being radical enough. As explains:

Voters’ rejection of far-left policies has Democrats pointing fingers at each other over who is at fault for the loss. The “moderates” claim radical policies are responsible for the drubbing, while the far-left claims the thrashing was Biden’s fault for not passing his radical reconciliation agenda through Congress quickly enough.

If only Biden had pushed through more government spending, more anti-White hatred, more transgenderism indoctrination of children, more money printing and more vaccine mandates, Democrats would have won all these elections, say radical Leftists. This only proves how oblivious they are to the real world, where parents and hard-working Americans just want life to return to the Trump era when gas was affordable, food was cheap and federal government goons weren’t conspiring with Big Pharma to murder 28 million children with bioweapons “vaccine” injections.

Critically, the GOP is now winning big with Hispanics. “According to the poll, 54 percent of Hispanic voters backed Youngkin and 45 percent cast their ballots for McCauliffe — a nine percentage point difference for Virginia’s fastest-growing ethnic group,” says Breitbart.

Independent voters widely rejected the failing Democrats and cast their votes for GOP candidates, and Black communities across America, although still largely preferring Dem candidates, are incensed about vaccine mandates and food inflation that’s driving food insecurity among Black families.

Democrats aren’t a political party; they’re terrorists carrying out GENOCIDE against humanity

What more and more Americans are coming to realize is that Democrats don’t represent a political party in America; they represent satanism, psychological terrorism, economic destruction and genocide against the human race. They are the party of pain, suffering, death and destruction. To prove it, they openly celebrate abortions, infanticide, child trafficking across an open border, censorship of free speech, scientific dictatorship, medical mandates and the hospital murder of anyone diagnosed with “covid.”

And if you disagree with them on anything, they brand you a terrorist.

This is no longer about Left vs Right, or Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s about the survival of humanity.

Every vote against a Democrat is a vote for survival of the human race. Whether the issue is medical freedom (my body, my choice, remember?), parental rights, economic security, freedom to travel, reducing runaway crime, protecting children from pedophiles or beating covid, the Democrats are always on the side of evil and destruction. Whatever causes the worst possible outcome for humanity is the position that Democrats promote and follow.

Then they project their evil onto Republicans, Trump supporters and Christians, because that’s the only desperate tactic they have remaining. Victorious VA Governor-elect Youngkin was immediately branded a “racist” just minutes after securing his victory, and two nights ago, radical Leftists tried to stage a “white supremacist” false flag operation in Virginia to defeat Youngkin with the usual smears.

Nearly all “hate crimes” carried out in America are staged operations run by Democrats. They have to keep faking the hatred they claim exists, because they have no ideas, no policies, no integrity, no faith in God and nothing to offer America other than division and collapse. The mantra of the Democrat party is, “Rule by FEAR.” (That’s why they love Fauci, too.)

Democrats are the party of death, satanism, child mutilation and extreme corruption. And America, through the suffering that has already begun, is launching its counteroffensive against evil.

For America to return to a nation of sanity, law and real opportunity, the Democrats are going to have to be dismantled and removed from power across the board.

Sadly, the real suffering has only just begun… the “Dark Winter” under Democrat rule begins now

Although the backlash against Democrat rule has only just begun, America is plunging into a “Dark Winter” under incomprehensible fake “President” #PoopyPants Joe Biden. This Dark Winter is going to be characterized by:

  • Skyrocketing inflation affecting prices of food, fuel and consumer goods.
  • A wave of child deaths and side effects from mRNA vaccines now targeting 28 million children.
  • Rolling blackouts due to dwindling energy supplies.
  • Extreme product shortages and supply chain failures due to vaccine mandates causing labor shortages.
  • A huge number of deaths of adults from vaccine-induced immunodeficiency and Antibody Dependent Enhancement.
  • Rising civil unrest, desperation and crime across the country.

This coming winter, in other words, is going to be the most difficult season which any living American has endured in their entire life. By the time we make it through this Dark Winter, America is going to be screaming for the removal of Biden and the return of Trump.

Expect mass civil disobedience, uprisings and protests to greatly expand in 2022.

Democrats will do everything in their power to cancel the 2022 mid-term elections

Because the Democrats are so astonishingly unpopular and out of touch with the American people — remember that Dems can only “win” elections by cheating — they will be forced into a position where they must find a way to cancel the 2022 mid-term elections.

This can be accomplished by the Brandon administration (no that’s not a typo) in a number of ways:

  • Initiating World War III with China.
  • Running a massive false flag “insurrection” operation and declaring martial law.
  • Unleashing another devastating biological weapon that makes covid look like child’s play.
  • Surrendering the United States to China and inviting the PLA to occupy and govern America.
  • Achieving a self-inflicted infrastructure mega-attack with a high-altitude EMP weapon or staged cyber assault, taking down America’s power grid.

Everything that you are seeing done right now by the Biden regime is gearing up for one or more of these warfare scenarios against the American people. For example, the mass vaccination and firing of active duty soldiers is designed to weaken America’s military effectiveness in preparation for a China-led attack on the continental United States.

Biden’s deliberate takedown of the food infrastructure and power infrastructure is also part of a wartime embargo scheme to leave the American people freezing and starving as domestic warfare breaks out. In effect, Biden and his handlers (Obama) are preparing the battlefield in advance, making sure the American people will have no functioning supply lines, hospitals or food stores by the time open warfare is declared against the people.

Yes, these actions by Biden, Obama and other traitors are acts of wartime treason against the United States. These are extreme criminals who are meticulously working to take down this nation and achieve global geopolitical dominance by communist China. There’s no weapon they won’t unleash against the people: Biological weapons, economic weapons, psychological operations, cyber attacks, etc.

As a result of all this, the American people need to be ready for Democrats to cancel the 2022 midterms under some declared “emergency” which will never end unless the Democrat regime is defeated and dismantled.

One way or another, it looks like America will be transformed into an active war zone in 2022, in order for Democrats to avoid the political slaughter that’s sure to come in the mid-term elections.

Are you ready to survive the coming war?

I will be discussing this scenario in much greater detail in tomorrow’s Situation Update podcast. In today’s episode, I cover the election results, vaccine whistleblower fraud, the collapse of first responders due to vaccine mandates, how to use oxygen therapy to reverse spike protein blood clotting, and the shocking fact that just 5% of covid vaccine production lots have resulted in nearly 100% of the vaccine deaths, indicating that the vaccines are being “weaponized” by lot number.

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