Dean Clifford Update

Dean has been in solitary for 3 weeks. His phone pin was taken away after his court appearance on June 20th and he was moved to solitary shortly after. He explained during a visit on July 4th that the guards had told him there is a police investigation underway due to threats to certain officials. Being as Dean currently has a civil lawsuit against 3 judges, a crown attorney, and 2 policeman, they must feel very threatened and are using solitary confinement as a means to further obstruct his ability to prepare his own documents. The lawyers for the defendants in his civil suit had served him with a motion to strike on June 18th and since that time they have obstructed him in every possible way from filing his own motion to contest. A hearing for the contested motion was set on July 2nd. Dean explained to the judge that he is in solitary and has been prevented from filing, so the hearing was adjourned until Aug. 2nd to give him time to file.

In the meantime Dean has prepared several motions. A motion to show cause and a new application for interim release. He had everything along with affidavits and exhibits ready to be picked up on July 4th. I had an appointment with a notary to meet at Brandon Corrections to witness the documents being signed. When I got to Brandon the notary asked me to meet at his office to discuss Dean’s case. He informed me that the Law Society had sent out letters regarding “sovereign citizens” and how they are a nuisance and taking up unnecessary court time. He also stated that he wasn’t comfortable notarizing for Dean because Dean is suing judges of the provincial court that he (the lawyer) is often involved within the court. He seemed rather apologetic after he had discriminated, profiled, and trampled upon my rights and Dean’s. He had looked at Dean’s history and clearly saw and stated that he shouldn’t be in there, and no one else would be put through that sort of abuse, but Dean just has to comply in a few ways to be released. I explained to this poor, selfish, un-enlightened individual that Dean isn’t the sort of man who would comply with a rapist, just bend over, or tow the line to appease any psychotic abuse of power. I explained that he will continue to stand for what’s right, because if you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem. I explained that there will be more civil lawsuits against more public officials who continue to abuse their status and commit serious human rights violations. These officials believe that by force they will be able to quell any political reforms or demands for fairness, equality, and impartiality from the public. They don’t realize that they are bringing people closer together from across the country and exposing their own tyrannical nature.

On Monday 21st of July at 2pm Dean will be at Queen’s Bench with motions to quash the Highway Traffic Act convictions and federal charges from Selkirk, on Friday 25th Dean will be in Provincial Court in Selkirk with a motion to show cause and to address a bail application and on Friday August 1st Dean will be in Queens Bench Civil Court with a motion to release his property.

Dean would like to make a special mention of the lawyers at Foerster Law Office for their assistance in getting his paperwork notarised.

Dean needs all the support he can get right now. Letters of support and encouragement can be sent to 375 Veterans Way Brandon MB. R7C 0B1. He is on the final stretch to the finish line and will be out soon.