“When you set out to defraud me from the beginning – every action you take following is null and void, because your intent from square one was fraudulent.”

This is not an epiphany.

This is not an ‘ah-ha moment’.

This is not new information.

This is simply focusing a brighter light on what is well known by every mayor, governor, every politician, every judge, every BAR association lawyer, every attorney, every magistrate, every tax collector, every IRS employee, every member of the fiat banking cartels – and every other for profit extortion artist practicing the game of “Admiralty Law’.

‘Admiralty Law’ – The Law of the Sea – the law of Pirates and Parasites.

‘Admiralty Law’ – A fraudulent scheme to take what one wants, to steal what does not belong to them – no matter who owns it, who earned it, or who created it.

‘Admiralty Law’ – If they have it – and you want it – devise a scheme to take it.

‘Admiralty Law’ – Throw the creator/owner in prison – or point a gun in their face – and take it as you please, regardless, and attempt to justify your criminal theft and extortion tactics by quoting; “It’s the law”.

‘Admiralty Law’ – where there is no lawful justification other than your own fraudulent standing claim of legitimate ‘Jurisdiction Under Admiralty Law’.

‘Admiralty Law’ – A deceptive collection of methods for accomplishing theft and extortion, which is justified only by more fraud and doublespeak.

‘Admiralty Law’ – A dirty game played by vile creatures without conscience or one inkling of Humanity.

The game of “Admiralty Law’ is layer upon layer of deception for profit.

As a Human Being, I do not require any fraudulent, parasitical entity or agent of that fraudulent entity, to give me permission to be a Human Being. Nor, am I concerned how that fraudulent entity defines “Human Being”.

Quite frankly, I am none of their business.

Yet they intrude upon and attack my personal sovereignty like mosquitoes at a picnic, by forcing their fraudulent deception and coercion upon myself, and every other Human Being they possibly can, under their own definition of ‘Law’ – which is still nothing but fraud and deception – no matter how the ‘Admiralty Law’ system parasites choose to frame the argument.

Therefore – I am not concerned with the origin of Corporate Admiralty Law, or how many centuries the fraud of Admiralty Law has been perpetrated on Human beings.

I am not concerned with whom authorizes Corporate Admiralty Law as a legitimate structure.

A lie by any other name is still a lie, and deception by any other name is still deception, which makes the two aforementioned a waste of time and effort.

What I am concerned with, is seeing to it this disease of planet Earth – this scurvy scourge of ‘Admiralty Law’ and all of it’s tentacles are wiped out of existence from within the Human experience.

Deception of Corporate Maritime Admiralty Law ( UCC Law) explained