Streamed live on Aug 2, 2019

Common Law Confronts Admiralty Law
Video, 25:50


David Noakes (on the right, in the video), who recently served a prison sentence for the crime of producing and selling GcMAF, a spectacularly effective treatment for cancer, now faces the possibility of having his remaining assets seized, as “proceeds of crime”, under EU law. His partner, Lyn (Lynda) Thyer, is currently in prison, awaiting extradition to France on fabricated charges, without having been found guilty of any crime in the UK. It’s clear that Big Pharma, with the assistance of the legal system, is doing its best to put both of these very fine people out of action permanently, so that they will no longer present any threat.

David Noakes is receiving tremendous support from John Smith, one of the leading advocates of Common Law in the UK. This gentleman explains in detail the steps which he is taking to challenge the legitimacy of the legal system and to hold several government ministers to account, by requiring them to acknowledge their responsibility for what is currently happening.

The implications of this situation are enormous, for the judicial system , Big Pharma and the government. Whatever the outcome may be, these two men will succeed in greatly raising the profile of Common Law in the UK.