Published on May 3, 2015

From the conference held in Montreal on April 26th. Footage from 99% Media. Edited to primary English excerpt.
In Canada their is a legal battle taking place, COMER vs the Bank of Canada.

COMER is the Committee On Economic and Monetary Reform,

The main talk is 72 minute with another hour of questions and answers.

I asked the Library of Canada for information on who Canadians pay interest to and where did they get the money. They could not answer the question. The western world owes more than $145 trillion dollars and it doesn’t seem like it is Africa or South America that had the money to lend. As human beings we double our production output regularly yet the middle class is shrinking and debt is increasing. Over 1 trillion dollars has been stolen from Canadians since 1974.

Up until 1974, Canadians had the Bank of Canada which had the responsibility for creating money in Canada. Up until that point, Canada had created some of the most massive infrastructure projects on the planet benefiting the people without debt. After 1974, the Canadian government started borrowing money from a private international banking cartel, which never had the assets to back the debt. Ponzi scheme. This is the same recipe that was applied to all western nations and is the reason for the state of the world today. These private banking thieves spend their resources on creating wars to distract the people and transfer further wealth to themselves.

If you wish to get a better understanding of what is at risk and get the view from a well versed and seasoned politician I suggest you go to the following post of a talk by the Hon. Paul T Hellyer.…

In all it’s about 2 hrs of viewing of the most important subject of our time that will determine if our children live in a world of perpetual war and austerity or in prosperity and peace. The players are real, the heroes and villains are real unlike the Hollywood crap that people spend hours viewing every week.

Thank you to 99%media for the film clip. I have remove the french section but if interested the original post is here;