Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer says that those who refuse to take the COVID vaccine won’t have “freedom to move around” and will have to continue to wear masks.

My comment: Very often what is mandated in one country will spread to other countries. Once the states start to mandate rules on the vaccine, they can prevent a person from having a job, going to school or college, going to a mall or grocery store and the list goes on. Once freedoms are taken they are never returned.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this flu pandemic is being exploited to drastically alter our political system and our society from top to bottom. We are in one fell sweep being thrust into a New World Order of forced compliance and socialist controls. Don’t believe their lies. This flu virus is not as dangerous as the regular flu seasons we have every year. They are deliberately scaring the people with mass hysteria to accomplish their political agenda. Don’t comply with their unconstitutional mandates. Move from a controlled state or protest and do whatever it takes to protect your freedoms. GE