It’s like waking up from a bad dream – almost too good to be true. Imagine that Big Food starts changing over all the ingredients in their products to benevolent sources. Suddenly, preschoolers, hospital patients, students, the elderly and SNAP users aren’t forced to compromise their health simply because “that’s what you get, this is your only option.”
You spoke and Campbell’s listened. Previously, they have shown that they pay attention when a public outcry and boycotts caused them to be among the first companies to drop contracts with research firms that used aborted fetal material for testing flavor enhancements.
Now, they are back with promises to use the best ingredients to suit consumer health demands. Is health their highest priority? Probably not. It turns out, the health-conscious market is among the most stable and growing markets. If they don’t go for it, they’ll be left behind!
Again, their future plans are almost too good to be true. They are planning to expel unhealthy ingredients, expand organic, head toward non-GMO and more transparency.
GMO Inside reports:
  • Campbell’s will be launching several lines of organic kid’s soups, and removing MSG from all their kid’s soups. In August 2015, the company will introduce Campbell’s Organic soup for kids in three chicken noodle varieties. The soups will be non-GMO and certified Organic.
  • Pepperidge Farm will be launching several organic wheat versions of their popular Goldfish Crackers. Look for organic wheat versions of regular, cheddar, and parmesan in the coming year. They still need to remove GMOs and go completely organic with the rest of their ingredients.
  • Increasing organics across other food lines, and increasing the number of organic products offered by Plum.

Campbell’s announcements on organics were accompanied by statements that the company will be:

  • Removing artificial colors and flavors from nearly all of its North American products in the next three years.
  • Removing high fructose corn syrup from Pepperidge Farm fresh breads over the next two years.
  • Increasing the transparency of its ingredients, including a new website, What’s in My Food ( that tells consumers the ingredients in their foods, starting with several major products.
Why should we hope for the best for Campbell’s? They are listening, they provide jobs, and they pretty much own the soup market and a sizable share of shelf items. It bodes well if they are the ones altering course, seeing as the burden of altering course has rested on consumers for so long. A step in the right direction will cause other companies to follow – maybe next they will change to non-toxic food packaging.
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