NaturalNews) An increasing number of children in America are being labeled, diagnosed and branded. Unique personalities are being scolded and molded by drugs to adapt childhood behavior into societal norms. Children have become like sculptures, motionless, lifeless, as psychiatric drugs chisel away at their natural state of well-being.

Living under a controlled paradigm designed by Drug Companies

The emotional and behavioral differences among children are yoked into compliance, to conformity. A child’s struggles aren’t listened to, aren’t understood. Their differences, behavior and problems are stamped into their mind as if they are a mental illness. Psychiatric drugs are driven down the throats of young people, as pharmaceutical companies expand their controlling influence.

A shocking new study facilitated by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics reveals that 1 in 13, or 7.5 percent of US children, are now on some type of psychiatric drug. Taking a step back, it’s as if the lives of people today are controlled by a paradigm designed by drug companies. The potential of free thought is a mere speck of what it could be.

The minds of a generation have been collectively hijacked in the 21st century; an alarming number of parents and medical professionals have become disillusioned in a new age of chemical quick fixes. Mind-altering drugs are pushed onto children with little regard for their natural ability to overcome challenges. The root issues are never dealt with when a drug is issued as the one-size-fits-all band-aid.

A generation ago, all these mental illnesses and ADHD labels were nonexistent. Children’s minds were left unaltered. They were never so psychotically evaluated, labeled and nitpicked like they are today. They were not subjects of a multinational psychiatric drugging machine, which now possesses 1/13 of today’s American culture.

Boys drugged more than girls, belittled in an emasculated culture

The childhood drug study, based on 6- to 17-year-olds, shows another alarming trend; boys are more likely to be prescribed psychiatric drugs than girls. 9.7 percent of boys are drugged compared to 5.2 percent of girls. It’s apparent that these drugs are a way to emasculate boys, as strength is belittled and minds are altered to submit.

The increasing psychiatric diagnoses on children show that medical professionals have generally strayed away from treating people as human beings and have instead become like drug peddlers and distributors. They’ve become mindless themselves, submitting to new labels and diagnoses formulated and made into doctrine through the psychiatrists’ Bible, the DSM. While the American Psychiatric Association believes that medical professionals are doing a better job today at pinning down psychiatric problems in children earlier and responding to them sooner, this is no excuse to drug children out of their wits, out of their problems, personalities, abnormalities, masculinity and/or behavioral differences.

Psychiatric drugs condemn personality differences and throw away discipline

These psychiatric drugs do not teach children how to cope with challenges in life. These drugs replace discipline and perseverance with chemical alterations that harbor physical, emotional, mental and spiritual side effects.

If a psychiatric drug is credited for helping change a child’s behavior or depressive state, then the child is inherently taught to be mentally and spiritually dependent on a substance to cope with life’s tough realities. This drug-care illusion could ultimately be cast onto every human being, since behavioral differences, life challenges and brain chemical imbalances are all possible at some point in every person’s life.

Leaning on drugs to deal with life does not allow time for the chemically imbalanced brain to heal naturally. The brain can become dependent on the chemical alteration while fighting side effects and withdrawals. Important bodily functions like metabolism and sleep can also be adversely affected as well as elicit unnatural changes in communication, violent behavior and lack of empathy for mankind.

Children enrolled in Medicaid drugged more readily

The study also showed that kids enrolled on Medicaid are more likely to be branded and drugged with psychiatrics. Medicaid boasts 9.9 percent of children taking drugs for behavioral problems, as opposed to 6.7 percent of children covered under private insurance.

In the CDC report, the researchers wrote, “Over the past two decades, the use of medication to treat mental health problems has increased substantially among all school-aged children and in most subgroups of children.”

Why have medical professionals and parents settled for a method of labeling and drugging so disempowering and so defeated?

It’s definitely time to take a closer look at the overmedication epidemic going on right now in American culture. It’s time to question the labels, the diagnoses and the blind servitude of psychiatric medicine.

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