by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

President Biden spoke from the White House today to try and convince all Americans to “get vaccinated” to protect themselves from the dreaded “Omicron COVID-19 virus.”

As has been his practice from the beginning, he started out by lying to the American people by stating that 400,000 Americans have now died from COVID this year, and that almost all of them were “unvaccinated.”

Of course to put this lie in context, one must understand that a person who receives a COVID-19 shot is not considered “vaccinated” until 2 weeks after they receive the shot.

So if someone dies right after getting injected with the bioweapon shots, before two weeks have passed, in their view that person was “unvaccinated.”

In addition to this, it has been well-documented by many healthcare workers working in hospitals that earlier this year they were told to stop counting “breakthrough cases,” which means someone was diagnosed with COVID-19 even though they were “vaccinated.”

Also, Anthony Fauci just stated this past weekend that the CDC will probably soon change the definition of “vaccinated” to only include those who are up-to-date on their booster shots, which would mean that everyone who has already taken the full dosage of the existing shots but have not yet taken the booster, will be labeled as “unvaccinated.”

But the strongest evidence that Biden and others are lying every time they state that the unvaccinated are dying or filling up the hospitals with COVID-19 cases, is to look at the data that the FDA and CDC supply through VAERS, listing deaths and hospitalizations following COVID-19 shots. Here are the latest stats:

When the CDC’s own statistics show that tens of thousands of people have died, and hundreds of thousands have been hospitalized, following COVID-19 shots, how can they then look at the American public in the eye and lie by stating that almost all the deaths associated with COVID-19 are among the unvaccinated?

And while the CDC and the FDA have failed to conduct studies to see just how truly dangerous these shots are by determining the unreported factor in VAERS, other scientists have done those studies, and they conclude that the unreported factor is anywhere from 20X to 50X.

Dr. Jessica Rose has done one of those studies that we have previously reported on, and she has determined that the unreported factor in VAERS is at least 41X.

So that means by using the government’s own statistics, the true numbers of deaths and hospitalizations following COVID-19 injections are 830,004 deaths and 4,346,000 hospitalizations among those who were injected with a COVID-19 shot.

The people who have been fooled into taking these deadly shots are the ones filling the hospitals right now, and numerous whistleblowers from among healthcare workers working inside these hospitals have confirmed this.

So the push right now is to get as many people as possible injected with booster shots, and President Biden stated in his address today that he and former President Donald Trump are in agreement on this.

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Military to Take Over the Hospitals?

Soldiers and a FEMA employee work together at a mass vaccination site in California. Image source.

Biden also announced today that he was sending 1000 troops to hospitals across the country to get ready for the massive deaths and injuries that they will blame on “Omicron,” but in reality will be due to massive vaccination campaigns for the booster shots.

As I reported last week, this has all been planned and is part of what I call “Operation Omicron.” In addition to the troops being sent to overwhelmed hospitals, Biden announced that FEMA will be deploying “10,000 new vaccination sites” with new “pop-up” clinics.

I suspect many of these “pop-up” clinics will be hosted in churches and run by Christian organizations, such as Samaritan’s Purse, who have been doing this since last year. See:

Fully Vaccinated Franklin Graham Has Heart Surgery for Pericarditis as Samaritan’s Purse Helps Inject People with COVID-19 Shots

There will undoubtedly be many of these “pop-up” clinics in elementary schools as well, as Biden urged parents to get their children injected with the bioweapon shots, and proudly announced that there have now been 6 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 injected.

Beware of the COVID Tests!

The other announcement Biden made in his address today was that he was invoking the Defense Protection Act to spend $3 BILLION to purchase and make available a half billion COVID home testing kits.

Do not take these tests!

We have absolutely no idea what might be in them, and by simply purchasing one you will most likely be entered into a national registry that will record your vaccination and COVID-19 status.

There is still not one single COVID-19 test that has been approved by the FDA, who has issued literally hundreds of emergency use authorizations for these COVID tests, which are not accurate.

How could they be accurate when there is actually no way to identify the “Omicron” variant? This whole aspect of Project Omicron was simulated in Israel weeks prior to it allegedly being identified in Africa. See:

The New COVID Variant Scam was Simulated in Israel Weeks before it was “Discovered”

Almost everything coming out the mouths of these tyrant politicians right now are lies, but use their lies to learn what their strategy is, and prepare accordingly.

At some point, I fully expect to see troops deployed in the cities and enforcing vaccine mandates where all these FEMA operated “vaccine clinics” are going to be located.

If you still live in a major metropolitan area, and still have your children in public schools, you are now living on borrowed time and you are in grave danger.

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