Benefits OF Eating





Vegetarian. Including vegan diets typically meet or exceed recommended protein intakes, when caloric intakes are adequate. Protein needs at all ages including those for athletes, are well achieved by balanced vegetarian diets.

Protein from a vegetarian diet

Broccoli                       146

Lentils                          157

Corn                            62

Carrots                        49

Blueberries                 48

Brown Rice                  43

Potaro (no skin)          42


Calcium in Vegetables                                               Calcium Absorption

Broccoli                94                                           Brussel Sprouts                 64%        Body absorbs 50 % of vegie

Collards                358                                         Mustard Greens               58%        calcium but only 32% of milk

Kale                       94                                           Broccoli                                53%        calcium.

Must/Greens     150                                         Kale                                       49-59%

Spinach                244                                         Milk                                       32%


Broccoli                                                (1-cup)                 Whole Milk (8 oz)

Beta*carotene  (mg)                      241                                         0

Vitamin C             (mg)                      96                                           2

Iron                        (mg)                      1.2                                          0.1

Fiber                      (g)                          4.5                                          0

Fat                          (g)                          0.4                                          8.2

Saturated Fat     (g)                          0                                              5.1

Cholesterol         (mg)                      0                                              33

Sodium                 (mg)                      42                                           120

Dr Neil Barnard, MD FACC Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine

George Washington University Physicians Committee for responsible Medicine

Animal Products

Cholesterol                   Saturated Fat

2 large eggs                                      362 mg                      3.1 g (19%)

Chicken w/skin (100 g)                 88 mg                        3.8 g (14%)

Chicken wo/skin (100 g)               89 g                            2.0 g (10%)

Roast beef, lean only (100 g)      83 mg                        3.4 g (17%)

Chinook Salmon (100 G)              85 mg                        3.2 g (13%)

Cheddar cheese (2 oz)                  58 mg                        11.09 g (43%)

Plant Based Products

Cholesterol                   Saturated Fat

Black beans (100 g)                                   0                                              0.1 g (1%)

Brown rice (100 g)                                    0                                              0.2 g (1%)

Broccoli         (100 g)                                   0                                              0.1 g (3%)

Sweet Potato (100 g)                                0                                              0.04 g (0.5%)

Buildup of animal products is interfering with Hydrochloric acid in the gut required to produce vitamin B-12.

Particulates with genetic material are alive! Particulates from toxic protein, when they come in mass the white blood cells have to deal with this and clean up the mess.

Particulates from eggs which contain genetic material takes about 3 days for the body to purify itself. From 37million to 40 million particulates swimming in the blood plasma.


Dr Neil Bernard NIH Study II Diabetes:

Results of Low-fat plant based diet.

  • Significant weight loss

Dramatically improved:

  • blood sugar control
  • plasma lipids
  • blood pressure

“All of this occurs in the absence of any limits on carbohydrates, calories, or portion sizes.”

In our studies and many others, people with diabetes, weight problems, lipid disorders, and other conditions discover the power of throwing out meat, cheese and other animal products. As they replace them with healthy beans, grains, vegetables and fruits weight melts away, blood sugar falls and the need for medication drops.

Function of Insulin:

Glucose is trying to get into muscle cells and other cells like liver and brain. Insulin is required in order for glucose to enter the cell. Insulin signals the cell to let glucose into the cell. Animal protein (fat) inside the cell interferes with insulin sensitivity and becomes resistant not allowing the glucose to enter the cell causing higher than normal glucose readings. “Diabetes”


50% of women and

25% of men over 50 will have a fracture.

Worldwide 8.9 million fractures annually

= Osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds.

Hip fracture rates highest in countries with highest dairy intake.

“The standard American diet causes much of the consumed calcium to be excreted in the urine. Excess salt, caffeine, sugar and animal products leach calcium out of the bones and promote urinary calcium loss.”

In contrast, vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts and seeds are rich sources of calcium and other important minerals and do not promote urinary excretion of calcium.

Countries (USA, NZ, Sweden, UK) that have a high calcium intake have a high hip fracture rate.

Countries (Hong Kong, Singapore) that have a low calcium intake have very low hip fracture rates.

Countries that have a low animal protein diet have very low liver cancer rates.

Countries that have a very high intake of animal protein have a high rate of liver cancer.

Lower animal protein = fewer mutations of DNA


Reduction of Cancers

Review of 206 Epidemiological studies

  • Consumption of raw greens
  • Most consistent and powerful association with reduction of cancers of all types
  • Including stomach, pancreas, colon and breast

Fuhrman Super Immunity



Casein from milk is the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered.

Nutrients from animal based foods increased tumor development. While nutrients from plant based foods decreased tumor development.

  1. Colin Campbell PhD, The China Story

Increase of animal protein = increase of cancer.

Countries that have a low animal protein diet have very low liver cancer rates.

Countries that have a very high intake of animal protein have a high rate of liver cancer.

Lower animal protein = fewer mutations of DNA

Cancers most responsive to diet:

-Breast, prostrate, colon and rectum, lymphoma, liver, lung, brain and esophageal.

Prostrate Cancer and diet and meditation

  • 93 patients with early prostrate cancer
  • UCSF and Dean Ornish
  • Study group: Vegan Diet, moderate exercise, yoga relaxation
  • Studied for one year, Results:
  • Lower PSA: by 4% (controls rose by 6%)
  • None needed additional tx (6 controls)
  • Blood able to inhibit prostrate Ca cells in a lab.

“This is the first randomized trial showing progression of prostrate cancer can be stopped or perhaps even reversed by changing diet and lifestyle alone.”


Fuhrman “Eat to Live”

32,000 adults studied over 6 years:

-If avoided red but ate white meat:

300 % increase in colon cancer incidence

-Eating beans, peas, lentils 2x wk =

50% Lower risk than ever eating those foods

Results of the China Study

-As the amount of animal foods increased, so did the rate of cancer

-Even small amounts of animal food

-Most cancers occurred in direct proportion to quantity of animal foods consumed.

What was the China Study

  1. Colin Campbell PhD, The China Story

Monumental survey

-Death rates of 12 different cancers

-2400 Chinese counties

-880 million (96%) of the population

-87 % were some ethnic group, Han people

-NYT said “Grand Prix of epidomological studies.


Coniferous Vegetables

Kale, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage, water cress

Intake                            Cancer

Regular veggies                     increase 20 %               Decrease 20 %

Coniferous veggies                increase 20 %               Decrease 40 %


Berries (all types)

  • Work like coniferous veggies
  • Transforms damaged DNA back to near normal (rats after chemical carcinogen)
  • Reduces cancer at many sites

Nuts and Seeds

-high fat diet = problem only if fat is from animal

-For all populations, genders and ages, as nut consumption increases, death from all causes decreases

-Overall lifespan increases

-Not achieved with the oils, only from nuts



-Enhance natural T killer cell function

-Prevent DNA damage

-Slow tumor growth

-Cause programmed cancer cell death

– Prevent Angiogenesis

-Shown for breast, prostate, colon and other cancers

-Helps prevent dendric cell decline, cell decline of aging

-Help dendric cells (that capture microbes and abnormal cells)

-Help stop the growth of fat cells


Onions and Garlic

  • Reduces risk of all cancers
  • 50 % less colon cancer
  • 73 % ovarian and prostate cancer
  • 88 % less esophageal cancer
  • 50 % less stomach cancer (1/2 cup a day)
  • What makes you cry protects you: alinase
  • It inhibits angiogenesis


  • Anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogen, anti-inflammatory
  • Helps prevent cancer, DM, CVdz, erectile dysfunction, bacterial infections
  • Antibiotic resistance, and UV skin damage
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Cancer prevention: esp breast, prostate,, colon, leukemia
  • Prevent platelet clumping and artherosclerosis
  • Reduces kidney infections
  • Heart patients with severe blockages: one ounce a day for 1 year = 20 % less BP, 30 % less plaque



  • 1in 5 over 70 will have cognitive impairment
  • 50 % with C1 will develop  dementia in 5 years
  • 20 % of Alzheimer’s from elevated homocysteine (HC)
  • HC byproduct of methionine
  • Methionine found in animal products
  • Brain uses B12, B6, Folate to get rid of HC
  • 96 % of Americans don’t eat enough greens and beans to have enough Folate.
  • Auto Immune Disorders
  • -Multiple sclerosis
  • -Crohn’s disease
  • -Rheumatoid arthritis
  • -Lupus
  • All responded to a plant based diet

Macular Degeneration (MD)

-Leading cause of blindness of 65 year old’s and up

-Damage caused by excess free radicals

-70-88 % MD blindness could be  prevented by nutrition

Dietary Intake Study

-356 people 55-80 years old

-Followed dietary habits of patients

-Higher carotenoids = lower rate of MD

– Lower rates associated with broccoli, carrots, spinach, collard greens, winter squash, sweet, potatoes

-Spinach and collard greens the best

-88 % less MD in people eating greens 5x /week

-Supplements of Vit C, Vit E, Vit A

-Carotenoids high in green leafy veggies, carrots, citrus


-By age 80, in 50 % Americans

-20 million Americans over 40 with cataracts

-Damage caused by excess free radicals

-Lutein: antioxidant in spinach, dark leafy green veggies, also present in the eye lens.

Wisconsin Study 1988:

-1300 people over 10 years

-highest Lutein consumption = ½ rate of cataracts

-Highest spinach consumption = 40 % fewer cataracts

Seventh Day Adventist Study

 12 year study

-Vegans to modest neat eaters

-Longest lived population ever studied

-Vegan females: 86 years old (9 years longer than average Californian)

-Vegan males: 83 years old (9.5 years longer than average Californian)

-Those who ate nuts and seeds lived longest: slightly more than near vegans


William Castelli, MD Framingham Heart Study

“We tend to scoff at vegetarians, but they are doing much better than we are. Vegans have cholesterol levels so low, they almost never get heart attacks…. weve never seen anyone in the Framingham Study have a heart attack with a level below 150.


Corona Virus

Latin Translation Virus = Poison

Corona = Radiation

Corona Virus = Radiation Poisoning

(5G) operates at 60 hertz radiation which destroys the hemoglobin impairing the cells ability pickup Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide which causes hypoxia, which can lead to death by suffocation.



These Corona Vaccines are geared to Crisper-to cut the genetic chain at chromosome A called the “God Gene” and inserting itself in that position.