Photos from Dana Durnford

Before Fukushima on 3-11-11, over 6,500 different species of flora and fauna COVERED the coastal ocean and tidal pools of spectacular British Columbia. Now, after 4.5 years of being pounded with Fukushima radiation both in the ocean and in the rain, there is little, if any, sea or tidal pool life remaining. Photos don’t lie.

The radiation has annihilated all but a dozen or two species along most of the coast. In the ‘After’ photos below, you will see how only one or two kinds of green tidal plant have been able to hang on… and that’s about from the over 6,000 different species that should be there. The North Pacific is a essentially a sea of DEATH now. The vast schools of ‘food fish’ are virtually gone… no more anchovies, sardines and herring for examples. The eradication of life along the British Columbia coast is moving south, down the entire West Coast. And, sorry, these staggering losses are not caused by ‘domoic acid’, by bacteria, viruses, solar UV activity or ‘global warming.’

The photos speak for themselves. It’s over. Wake up and understand why the EPA has never held news conferences about the grave danger we are in, and why it recently CLOSED DOWN 99 of nearly 150 EPA radiation stations in the US.

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