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Hey readers,

wow some more garbage spouting from another Royally Criminal Motorized Pirate (RCMP) (foreign entity).

I wonder if people realize that the RCMP are literally the Royal Dragoons of old specifically designed to terrorize civilians and those in common law.

IT has already been proven in a BC court that,

RCMP cannot interpret the law they can only enforce it,

They DO NOT know their oath of duty

They DO NOT know the difference between common law and statute

They DO NOT have the authority to discern the validity of a legal notice or disclaimer.

They DO NOT know the difference between Legal and lawful

They DO NOT know the difference between commerce and trade (different jurisdictions)

The term “freeman Ideology” does NOT change the status, jurisdiction or render anything what the individual it is used against says invalid.

They cannot use the defence “Freeman Ideology” for their actions because that requires them to interpret the law, which as mentioned above they are not allowed nor have the authority to do so.

+ more.

If they do anything mentioned above they are operating outside of their capacity so they lose all legal protection.

What they DO is racketeering, extortion, assault, battery, unlawful conversion, securities fraud, conspiracy, breach of trust (like they had any to begin with), inland piracy, murder, falsification of books and documents, perjury, omission of evidence, tampering, planting evidence, + much much more.

The RCMP are just a foreign for-profit corporation masquerading as “law enforcement”, just like the Federal Parliament of Canada (Canadian Government) and the provincial “governments” is not actually a government it is also a for profit corporation (another foreign entity) masquerading as one, its just a service corporation de-facto as well. They commit as many crimes as the RCMP if not more on a daily basis.

The RCMP (Royally Criminal Motorized Pirates)commit more crimes daily then they stop yearly. They are truly a hapless and pathetic organization, sure there are “good ones” amongst the criminals, but who are we kidding, there is no such thing as “good” cops if the laws they enforce are inherently unjust, cruel, oppressive, etc.

The commissioner has directly partook in all the fraud going on now and should be held accountable, maybe some of the “good” cops, instead of writing letters to deaf ears should actually go and arrest her.

Just something of note, they can come after me with C-36 all they want cause I can prove they do all the crimes above using without a reasonable doubt self- explanatory evidence of their crimes, which is the strongest evidence one can ever possibly have in a “court”.

Who we kidding they don’t have courts, they are financial institutions committing as many crimes as the rest especially securities fraud, its all theater.

WE THE PEOPLE are in Common Law to be tried by jury, nothing more, these corporations DO NOT have person hood so they can only dictate to their property, employees and dependents. If you are one of those well your fucked unless you know your stuff.

Everyone in Canada should do themselves a favor and use one of the ULTIMATE SILVER BULLETS.

Get your Statement of Contribution of CPP from Service Canada, that document can be used in court as definitive evidence that you are Grantor and Beneficiary , which means under financial trust laws you are PROTECTED from statutes.

Court is theater the ones participating are actors, the judge usually attempts to act as executor, the crown prosecution (shouldn’t even be there) attempts to act as beneficiary and you get stuck with trustee.

Trustees are subject to statutes, so in order to flip it around and make the judge the trustee and force them to protect you, just provide your STATEMENT OF CPP CONTRIBUTIONS from Service Canada as evidence ,black out your SIN number.

It will destroy any statute case against you, because masters cannot be tried by servants, it also proves they are attempting conspiracy, unlawful conversion, securities fraud, etc.

It forces the judge (trustee) to protect you and either push the case to common law with jury or acquittal do to lack of jurisdiction.

Also what I have stated here is not opinion its hard core can be used in court FACT.


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