Friday, June 7, 2019

A Spiritual War

By Anna Von Reitz

It has been said many times, many ways, and it is clearly stated in the Bible. We do not struggle against flesh, but against the Spirit of Evil; all that the Spirit of Evil makes incarnate is like itself: deceptive, illusory, unreal, and yet having a form.

Consider that the Holy Spirit brings forth its children and its fruits in the same way, except that what it makes incarnate is like itself: honest, true, imbued with endless power derived from our Creator.

The Spirit of Evil thrives on secrecy, deceit, and distortion.

The Holy Spirit thrives on transparency, truth, and clarity.

It is really as simple as that, and the only thing holding Mankind back, is fear.

It takes courage to embrace the Holy Spirit and more courage to live our lives without fear, but it can be done.

Fear and lies are the greatest weapons of our opponents— fear which keeps us from acting upon our convictions and lies that keep us from knowing the truth and acting appropriately, so that our efforts are wasted.

Those who would keep us enslaved seek to keep us confused and misinformed, wish us to cling to our own chains and believe in secrets and in money. If you are ready to move on, then come along.

Admit that time does not exist. There is only now.
Admit that money does not exist. It is only a symbol of value.
Admit that secrets don’t exist. Everything is known.

Admit and know that the Holy Spirit within you is unimaginably powerful, that love is the true currency of the Universe, and that your strength lies far beyond your physical body in the realm of the spirit and the mind.

If you will overcome the Spirit of Evil, you must overcome both delusion and fear.

You have heard it said that in these days we will contest with Evil in High Places, and you have known that the Evil One would be released for a short time before the end of this world as we have known it. Do not despair and do not be troubled; all these things that are happening must happen; rather, put on the full armor of God and His Peace which passes all understanding.

Redouble your efforts to dissolve the Great Seals and gently release the pent up energies of the Earth. Feel them beginning to flow as they should. Release all your bad memories and traumas and grudges and losses and heartaches. Let them go.

Over the past six months I have been dredging up a lot of “gunk” — hurts, disappointments, losses — examining them like objects, like bad teeth that have been extracted, no longer able to cause any pain— objects that I am looking at before throwing them away.

They were part of my life once, but they are baggage now — baggage that I am not taking with me into tomorrow or next week or next year. These painful things, these injuries, are like they happened to someone else.

I step back from them. I see them for what they are, and I let them go. Old knee injury? Gone. Supremely embarrassing moments? Gone. Lost loves? Gone. Vain regrets? Gone. Consuming anger? Gone. Might-have-beens? Gone.

And with each thing you toss away, your soul becomes lighter and stronger.

We are like fractured crystals — all this pain, all these injuries — have served their purpose: to break us, so that we can capture and disperse more light, but having served their purpose, they can go now.

This week let the pain go. Release it into the void somewhere beyond yesterday. Go with me to my Happy Place, if you don’t have a Happy Place of your own.

My Happy Place is a meadow with a cool, clean, fast-flowing shallow stream flowing through it. There is soft grass and small prairie flowers in the meadow itself, birds in the trees along the banks, and the sand and small gravel of the stream bed is soft and clean underfoot….. I just wade out in the middle of the stream and let the water carry away all my sadness, all my weariness, all my pain. I watch the tiny fish darting here and there. I see the dragonflies hovering above the yellow pond lilies growing in a small pool just downstream. It’s early afternoon in Midsummer and the hot sun is nicely balanced by a cool wind and the cool water.

It’s just a little old farm place in the Midwest. Nothing grand, no palaces, no buildings at all, but I am perfectly at peace there, and eternally renewed.

Take some time to go to your Happy Place this week. Seek the lightening of your load and the renewal of your spirit. Remember what matters and let all the rest of it go.

In this way, and by making this your practice, you will be constantly restored and renewed, set free of past suffering, ready and able to accept new blessings and new opportunities without being burdened or afraid.


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