ALARMING REPORT! Just In! Total Gross Radiation Reaches Fatal Levels!

Single exposure to 5,000 MSV/HR will kill 50% of the people in one month or less. Exposure to 1,000 msv/hr will kill 10% in a month. 15 msv/hr can cause cardiac rhythm problems. If the 15msv/hr is of cosmic ray origin this will lead to neurological damage. Some Geiger counters showing gross counts greater than 2,500 msvr/hr. Just look at EPA , OSHA limits for radiation seen here. This is bad! Normal back ground particle counts (cpms) averages around 26 CPMs, Outdoors! Some Geiger counters picking up 300 to 1000 cpms. It’s Going to get worse starting late September. ALSO note, Old charts show cosmic rays accounted for 5% of all gamma radiation. The most recent accounting show that cosmic rays are now 21% of total background radiation…. seen here. Now, we factor in Fukushima. This is why gross gamma radiation is hovering 100 x normal is some areas. From 5 percent to 21 percent is a four fold increase in cosmic radiation. Fukushima then has to account for much of the remaining increases. So if cosmic rays 4 x worse, the contribution towards overall gamma radiation is more like 6 fold as neutrons are assigned a gamma value twice that of isotopes. (Calculating Absorption in Humans) ….. RECOMENDATIONS: Take the iodine… with food. Take the chlorophyll 3x day with water. Neutrons are worse the isotopes. Use radiation blocking Mylar everywhere you can. Stay out of the sun. Children especially and I mean especially. If you watch this video and take your children out for direct exposure you are being negligent and harming the child. Oh yeah… many of the “normal “Geiger counter readings on and ARE INDOORS!!!!