“The Declaration to Restore Mother Earth” is a result of consultations in Munvwamake and Numaka, Nabusimake by the Peoples of the Earth in La Sierra Nevada Santa Marta with Spiritual Authority, written in Uluru, Australia and presented at UPLIFT 2014 in Byron Bay, Australia.

The Universal Unification Process is intended by the Great Mother to lead us to the original principles by guiding us to the realization of self at the individual and collective levels, allowing us to awaken to higher dimensions of awareness and thus clearly see the consequences, subtle effects and impacts on nature arising from our human behavior, which are creating the great imbalances we are witnessing in all aspects of life.

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http://upliftconnect.com/declaration-to-restore-mother-earth/ https://youtu.be/ZvAhkuIoZ_4


Seen by the Elders there is a cosmic ordering principle that protects the Mother

It restores her original rights, as well as humanity’s greater, ancient rights by calling forth our collective whole to internal order. We have analyzed the current state of imbalance in which all societies of the world find themselves as a result of having lost alignment with the life originating principles and mandates. We understand that the original peoples are ones who still maintain continuity with these principles. We see the urgent need to seek shared counsel in order to determine our way back to the origin, which will help us to live within these principles and heal the cultural and spiritual deterioration which has brought chaos to all dimensions of life on the planet

Currently, there is a biocultural crisis on Earth

Half of the world’s cultures have disappeared or are in danger of extinction. Likewise, ecosystems are growing more fragile each day. In spite of existing local and international laws, and significant advances in science and technology Mother Earth and all her beings today confront an ecological crisis that places life itself in jeopardy. We ardently invite global society and governments to embrace and activate a Unification Process which bring forth the natural wisdom of the Original Mandate and transform harmful ways of living to “Living Well”. For example, to alleviate Mother Earth’s fever, transitioning towards clean energies is imperative.


Restoration of the original right of Mother Earth to her natural constitution

Mother Earth’s rights are equivalent to Human Rights. The reactivation of sacred places and sacred sites is vital for the reconstitution of a healthy and balanced life on Earth.

In this task, restoring and reactivating the neglected and injured sites of Mother Earth is urgent. It is necessary to carry out this task on a global level in all biocultural regions of the earth and to revitalize the sacred elements of life: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

The Natural Rights of Mother Earth should be upheld and endorsed by the United Nations System and by national and regional laws.

The designation and protection of sacred areas of Mother Earth are a way to reinforce ancestral wisdom and the very constitution of Mother Earth.


Mamo Miguel Arroyo – Iku (Arhuaco): In function of the Mother as well as the Spiritual Authority of Munvwameke and Numaka, Nabusimake. Mamo in charge of the spiritual work (healing) carried out in the initial phase in Four Corners area for the UNIFICATION of the peoples and of the Sacred Sites. This work is complementary to the Spiritual Mandate for Unification and awareness of Life Originating Principles in collective consciousness on a global scale.

Ñankwa Chaparro: Leader in the Iku Nation, also in function of the Mother as well as the Spiritual Authority of Munvwameke and Numaka, Nabusimake. Assistant and translator for Mamo Miguel. in 2011 was placed in charge by the Spiritual Authority of Tzchendukwa to return the Sacred Elements from all parts of the world in the gathering that took place in Menla in Phoenicia, NY. This process was the starting point for the Unification Process.

Nelson Caraballo and Erica Ohliger: In function of the Mother as well as the Spiritual Authority of Munvwameke and acting on behest of the Mamos and Sagas to facilitate journeys, meetings and all aspects relevant to the Unification Process for the awareness in collective consciousness of Life Originating Principles.

Agustín Ranchero Márques: Elder present in initial phase of work done in Four Corners, leader of indigenous endeavors in Mexico of great value for the spiritual work done for healing of sites and their stewards in this country, as well as leader in restoring indigenous rights in Latin America.

Armando Robles Contreras: Keeper of the Ancient Fire of the Mexica peoples in Mexico, leader in his community of ceremonies for healing of sites and the peoples, of great spiritual strength for ceremonies to be done in journey and for Unification Process.

Mindahi Bastidas: Otomí Spiritual Leader in charge of coordinating travel logistics, translations for Elders in Mexico, present in Four Corners for intitial phase of this work. Vital in consultations that determined all the sites to be visited in this journey.

Anderson Hoski, Navajo: Traditional Spiritual Leader and Wisdom Keeper who holds relationship with Tribal Council, working for and with troubled youth in processes to heal using tTraditional Sacred Ways. Representative of the peoples of the North that participated first stage of this work in Four Corners (Hopi, Navajo, Ute, Ancestral Puebloan).