• img_801-May.-27-17.56-300x188Hiroshi Kawauchi, former Japanese house representative: The havoc Fukushima has wrought is not acknowledged by the government.
    [Fukushima Daiichi] emitted airborne radioactive cesium levels that exceed the Hiroshima bomb by 168 times. But we’re always told everything is OK.
  • Vikram Ghandi, Vice: [We were] wondering why radiation levels 168 times worse than Hiroshima could ever be perceived as OK.
  • Anonymous Tepco Employee: There are many more problems that we have here [other than contaminated water]. The equipment that we brought 3 years ago, like pipes, hoses, the buildings themselves, all of these have started to break down. Even the cooling system ceasing to function is a possibility.
    • handi: The future of Japan begins to look even more bleak.
    • Kawauchi: It will become harder to access the truth [because of the new state secrets act].
    • Ghandi: The government trying to silence people cannot change the dark reality of radiation that may only rear its head in generations to come.
    • Kawauchi: If we continue, not only Japan, but also Earth, is in peril.