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END TIMES SIGNS LATEST EVENTS AND GOD’S WARNING (MAR 26, 2018) Every videos insights into Biblical prophecies or new examples of events that are happening today, which are fulfilling prophecies related to the Return of Christ. We are truly in the end times and really close to the return of Christ, help us reach out to those who don’t know Jesus so they can be saved, please and thank you! God bless you all.  ...

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The U.S. Foster Care System: Modern Day Slavery and Child Trafficking VIDEO

by Health Impact News/ Staff Foster Care: “Best Interest of the Child” or “Child Abuse”? Theoretically, foster care provides a temporary loving, nurturing and safe home for children who are removed from their own families due to heinous neglect or abuse. This theory helps those involved in the system sleep good at night and feel like heroes. Molly McGrath Tierney, the former Director of the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, gave one of the most insightful TEDx talks about the problems with the “Foster Care Industry” – an industry where children become a commodity that profits doctors, lawyers,...

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