Month: February 2017


(Natural News) isn’t merely a massive retailer; it’s also a dangerous spy machine that collects detailed profiles of your most private thoughts, fetishes and conversations. Every device you use is actually a surveillance collection interface that’s translating your thoughts, beliefs and conversations into a “psychological profile” database at servers. For example: * Amazon ECHO devices constantly listen to your most private conversations and process your voice by uploading segments of audio to servers. Law enforcement agencies have already sought to use audio recordings from ECHO devices to incriminate individuals for words they uttered in their...

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Nibiru Visibility Increases- Earth Axis Shifting-Planetary Defense Policy Initiated

Published on Jan 26, 2017 The constant unpredictability of our weather patterns would suggest that the Earth’s axis is shifting in such a way that we may soon encounter an magnetic pole shift, which scientists admit is a very real probability, T are indications that the earth’s crust is also slipping with dramatic changes occurring to the ice shelf on the Antarctic continent....

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