Month: October 2016

Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy

Published on Aug 15, 2015 Visit and Subscribe for more videos! A Documentary Film by Adam Green Hundreds of news clips, declassified documents, and evidence demonstrating the establishment media’s propaganda campaign against conspiracy theories and the truth....

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BREAKING : The United Nations is headed to Standing Rock!!!

New York NY- United Nations expert Grand Chief Edward John will visit Standing Rock to gather information on Human Rights Violations Resulting from Pipeline Construction Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, North Dakota, United States: On Saturday October 29th, 2016 Grand Chief Edward John, member of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) will arrive in North Dakota, USA at the invitation of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault. As a United Nations (UN) expert, he will be visiting in his official capacity to observe the continued impacts of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction such as...

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Chief Arvol Looking Horse to Obama: Keep Your Word Read more at

Chief Arvol Looking Horse 10/28/16 Mitakuye (my relative), I greet you with our traditional greeting, Mitakuye Oyasin – all things are related! As Keeper of our Sacred C’anupa (Pipe) Bundle of the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Nation, I address you from our original governance of our people, Woope – Creator’s Law. I am not a member of leadership under any political government, I stand in position as the center of our people, the voice of our traditional government, and so this communication is nation to nation, as indicated by our treaties. Additionally, we have over 300 flags of indigenous nations including other...

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International Monsanto Tribunal-In The Hague October 2016

Successful Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly! The hearings of the Monsanto Tribunal have been very impressive, and so was the People’s Assembly. During the last two days the world was watching witnesses’ testimonies, lawyers’ pleas, and the first impressions of the judges. We had 750 participants in The Hague representing 30 nationalities from all over the world, thousands were following us online on the livestream and social media, and the Tribunal received a lot of press attention. Both victims and experts thanked us for giving them a voice on this important international platform; and a very well documented voice...

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