Month: June 2016

Globalist Bankers Sent Into Mass Panic Over Brexit

“There’s no doubt that the consequences will be negative on all sides.” Steve Watson Prison June 22, 2016 A slim majority of Britain’s population has decided that it is willing to weather an almighty economic and political storm in order to declare national independence and leave the European Union. Globalists and central bankers are not happy that they have been defied. This was never going to be pretty. The world’s major banks have been instantly absolutely hammered by the decision. The markets had heavily bet on the UK remaining in the EU. Britain’s biggest banks faced double digit losses on the stock markets, with shares plunging. Barclays dropped by 23.08% to $8.60, HSBC shares dropped 7.35% to $31.25, Royal Bank of Scotland sunk a whopping 19.63% to $6.02. All in all at the time of writing, Britain’s banks were facing a $100 billion smackdown, while world stocks saw more than $2 trillion wiped off their value. The British pound took a massive nosedive by 18 U.S. cents, hitting 31 year low, reaching a 10 percent plunge at one point, and marking by far the biggest drop in recent history. The euro also dropped by 3 percent, with investors fearing it may eventually completely collapse altogether. In the US, JPMorgan Chase shares were down 6.26% to $60.04. Bank of America shares fell 6.34% to $13.15, Citigroup shares dropped...

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“Now It’s Our Turn” – Geert Wilders Calls For A Dutch Referendum

Just as we warned, the historic British rejection of the EU’s totalitarian rule has sparked renewed ambitions to leave the clutches of Brussels across Europe. First to congratulate Britain was Holland’s Geert Wilders, who calls for a Dutch referendum as soon as possible… Thursday, June 23, 2016, will go down in history as Britain’s Independence Day. The Europhile elite has been defeated. Britain points Europe the way to the future and to liberation. It is time for a new start, relying on our own strength and sovereignty. Also in the Netherlands. A recent survey (EenVandaag, Dutch television) shows that...

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The Brexit contagion: How France, Italy and the Netherlands now want their referendum too

Voters in France, Italy and the Netherlands are demanding their own votes on European Union membership and the euro, as the continent faces a “contagion” of referendums. EU leaders fear a string of copycat polls could tear the organisation apart, as leaders come under pressure to emulate David Cameron and hold votes. It came as German business leaders handed a considerable boost to the Leave campaign by saying it would be “very, very foolish” to deny the UK a free trade deal after Brexit. Markus Kerber, the head of the BDI, which represents German industry, said that 1970s-style trade...

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Global Elites Suffer Fatal Blow, UK Votes to Leave the EU

June 24, 2016 Doom! Destruction! Total anarchy in the streets! Wait a minute – the sun has risen and the world is still continuing on as per usual, granted with a few expected hiccups. The people of the UK have voted and the sound of their voices has been carried to every corner of the globe. Democracy has won the day, proving that the people still have some power! They have voted to leave the bureaucracy-infested EU. Bought and paid for politicians around the world have engaged in a campaign of fear for months, including President Obama and Hilary...

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“We Are Not Anyone’s Colony”: Bolivia’s Morales Tells US to Stay Out of Latin American Affairs

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday expressed support for a right-wing referendum to pull Venezuela’s leftist president Nicolas Maduro from power, provoking a powerful response from Maduro’s fellow socialist Evo Morales, president of Bolivia. “We are sovereign states of the Great Motherland that fights for life and liberation.” —Evo Morales”John Kerry continues to believe that Latin America is its backyard—and its people their peons—by asking for the recall of Nicolas Maduro,” wrote Morales on his Twitter account, in TeleSUR’s translation. “Kerry should know we are not anyone’s colony. We are sovereign states of the Great Motherland that...

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